Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Program

The financial literacy program is a comprehensive 4-week program aimed at teaching essential money management skills. The program span the following topics:

  1. Understanding the nature and functions of money.
  2. Effective budgeting strategies.
  3. Recognizing the time/money trade-off.
  4. Keeping track of personal spending habits.
  5. Differentiating between savings and investment options.
  6. Navigating credit cards and understanding credit scores.
  7. Establishing realistic financial goals.

Each section of the program will include interactive activities and collaborative exercises to enhance learning. The program is facilitated by experienced professionals who will conduct two-hour sessions every week. We are offering two distinct sessions:

Session 1: Tailored for youth aged 15-19.
Session 2: Catering to young adults aged 20-29.

Upon completion of the 4-week workshop, participants will be awarded a certificate to recognize their achievement.